800x More Powerful Than CoQ10...
6000x More Powerful Than Vitamin C...

Is This Red Algae The Greatest Anti-Aging Compound Ever Discovered?

Dear Friend,

Please pay careful attention if you want to take COMPLETE control of your health and wellbeing and stop the aging clock.

This medical breakthrough will set you on the path toward a long healthy life, WITHOUT
  • Expensive prescription drugs
  • Endless doctor's appointments
  • Dangerous and addictive treatments


I know folks who’ve almost stopped the aging process with this...

...folks who’ve restored their eyesight with it…

...and I even know people who felt like they were on death's door not that long ago - now they ALL are thriving with this.

And it all happened with a miracle "super-algae" that might be living in your back yard right now.

We've found the secret to being 
“forever healthy” - no matter Your age

And that’s why I am writing to you today.

I found a naturally-occurring micronutrient that you deserve to know about. The man who discovered it won the Nobel Prize for his discovery.

This nutrient has been found to kill invasive cells, restore vision, and even offer all-day energy and muscle strength to the elderly. 1
It reverses chronic illness, protects skin from harmful UV rays, and improves memory, too.

And it's proven to work. In fact there are over 1248 different studies showing it can do all this and more:
Invasive cells
offer all-day
UV rays
Boost Memory & Focus
This chemical is versatile and effective.

And humans need it. Desperately.

You can find it in both plants and animals, and right now... could be growing in your backyard, hiding in your cabinets, or drying of freezer burn in your fridge.

Personally, I believe it’s the one thing all humanity needs to survive this age of disease and stress.

And all you need are a few doses to notice the benefits.

Your Body Needs This Now More Than Ever, Because Big Pharma Has No Interest In Actually Healing You...

You know what makes me angry?

What bothers me is the way money matters more than a human life, nowadays.

When did we start valuing profit over people?  

As a medical doctor I see it every day, and it makes me furious...
For example...did you know that it costs around $3-6 to make a shot of insulin?? 

Meanwhile, insulin can cost upwards of $400 per vial and up to $1200 a month2?? 

The average person can’t afford that.
Or this...a treatment for metastatic prostate cancer costs $10,000 a month... and it only extends life 4 more months! 3

Who can pay that when they’re on the verge of death?
I could go on and on about insane medical expenses…

...but I won’t.

Because there IS a treatment.

And it’s 100% naturally-occurring.

This Nutrient Can Replace 
An Entire Shelf Of Supplements

  • It’s 6000 times more powerful an antioxidant and immune booster than Vitamin C…4
  • It's 800x stronger than CoQ10 at fighting free radicals4
  • It’s 540 times stronger than Vitamin E...and5
  • It’s a better protector against early aging than drinking green tea every morning - over 500% better. 6
To call it a breakthrough for modern health would be an understatement. In fact, it has the longest (and maybe the strangest) list of health benefits I’ve seen in my 36 year long medical career. No wonder the discoverer won the Nobel Prize.

This micronutrient can...7

  • Kill invasive cells and stop oxidation in its tracks...8
  • Improve vision to the point where you no longer need glasses...13
  • Prevent cognitive decline and radically improve your memory...3
  • Improve your skin’s appearance by smoothing wrinkles, making age spots disappear10 
  • Drastically improve energy and endurance levels (this nutrient is what helps salmon to swim thousands of miles upstream for weeks on end...)11
  • Prevent heart damage and high blood pressure...naturally improving the elasticity of the walls of your arteries9
  • Boost male fertility by making your 'swimmers' stronger9
  • Soothe the pain of aging in the joints9 
  • Slow brain aging…16
  • Increase stem cell potency15 
And this list goes on. And on.

And on.

At this point you’re probably rolling your eyes. Frankly I would be too if I didn’t know that all this is true.

Don’t believe me?’s what people have to say about it after they’ve tried it…

If I could give more stars I would. 

Besides all the amazing benefits I've experienced there is one significant side effect. After a few months of taking it my fasting glucose went from 89 to 77. I have not changed my diet. The same thing happened with my husband. His went from 99 to 78.

I'm fair skinned and this has helped to prevent sunburn.

We don't get all the colds that our little kids catch.

My menstrual cycle has regulated to better than it even was and I'm 41.

Nails and hair grow fast. And brown spots from pregnancy went away within weeks of starting.

My husband's thyroid is under control now and I credit this supplement for that.
Chris M
J.S. “accidentally” got his eyesight back…

I found it by accident. I was researching antioxidants and this seemed like a good one. 

I noticed one or two people said they had improved vision but didn't think much of it since I never see dramatic results with supplements and was taking it for other benefits anyway. I couldn't believe it when about 4 weeks after taking it my vision improved. Switching from close to long range vision became seamless again!
And C. Law has improved joint pain!

Not yet a month on my first try of this product. it is everything they say it is. I have far more stamina than I have ever had. 

And with many health issues including severe joint and muscle pain I am amazed and happy with the continuing stamina and energy.
C. Law
This micronutrient feels like an absolute miracle to the people who take it regularly.

And I want everyone to know about it.

But Who Am I Anyway?

My name is Dr. Ralph LaGuardia. I specialize in Internal Medicine, Bariatrics, and Geriatrics.

I went to medical school in Italy...and the European way of dealing with disease is very different from how sickness is dealt with here in America.

They want to deal with the root cause of disease - we deal with symptoms.
See, I care about what’s going on inside our bodies, and I care about healthy aging, and I’ve been a physician and natural healer for almost 40 years.

That's why I practice Integrative Medicine, I look at the whole picture when helping my patients get healthier...

I combine the best western medical practices together with alternative health options that really work.

I also study herbs and the land, and I have a huge garden.

And I try hard to balance the minerals, trace elements, and amino acids needed for a thriving gardening practice. 

The food I eat and my daily habits keep me healthy well into my late 60’s…

...and the things I’ve learned about the pharmaceutical industry keep me doing this work…
...reaching out to the people who need me most.

That’s why I want to show you the single best way I know to revolutionize your health in just a matter of months - even if you’ve been struggling to feel better for years. 
  • If you’re suffering from joint pain, heart problems…
  • If you’re worried about getting sick with debilitating illness as you age…
  • And if you’re worried about how much of your retirement you’ll have to spend on medical costs...  
I beg you to keep reading.

(Because this secret is too big.) 

People Are Dying For No Reason

I'll tell you a story about a family member as an example of how our medical systems is failing you. 

This happened in 2020, and sadly it might be the kind of story you're already familiar with.

This could upset you or bring up painful memories so be warned...

My cousin Bob, who was 75, got sick last year with you-know-what and was on death’s door by the time he was admitted. To this day, we’ve no idea how he caught the virus.
All the elderly people in our family quarantined like they were supposed to...but I guess my cousin thought he’d be safe.

He was one of those 'it's just the flu' folks.

Sadly, he died a few days later, completely alone. 

No one could visit him as everything was in complete lockdown. We were all heartbroken.
But the news was about to get a lot worse. 

Before going to the ER, he had visited with my Aunt Mary. They’d kissed and hugged like Italians always do…

...and within days, Aunt Mary was having a very hard time breathing and had a temp of 102.8.

We were panicking. We thought she’d be dead within days.
She was coughing her brains out. 

Aunt Mary was 88, had been a heavy smoker, and had COPD. 

She also had hypertension, heart disease, severe osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes that was poorly controlled, and recurrent GI bleeds from an AVM (arteriovenous malformation).  

She had dementia, too. So you know it wasn’t looking good for her. 

She was the poster child for dying 
of this horrible disease.

I told my family we would never see her again if she went into the hospital.
I told her not to go the hospital and immediately got her started on 6 grams (6,000 mg) of oral vitamin C a day, iodine, selenium, zinc, quercetin and 50,000 units of vitamin D3 daily!  

Nothing happened for the first two days. 

The third day I doubled her vitamin C to 12 grams a day. I also doubled the quercetin and zinc. 
Day 5 she tested positive for the illness, which we suspected all along.

And the next day she fully recovered and was back on her feet.  In fact, the entire episode lasted just 6 days and she was bedridden for just 2 days.

My method worked.

My regimen eventually went viral and thousands of people used it. My patient Tom even printed it out and gave it to all his employees. 

He also mailed it to his business associates, and they in turn sent it to others.

And THAT is the kind of work that matters most to me.

Doctors are supposed to be healers.

In the current climate, that feels almost impossible to do, and it’s frustrating beyond belief. I could help my Aunt...but my cousin died.
All around the world, regular people everywhere are experiencing the same things.

That’s why...years ago, I decided that something had to change. 

I set out to find an antioxidant that would boost our natural immunity levels, keep us feeling younger for longer, and help us thrive in this toxic world.
Think about it: If Aunt Mary had been taking an antioxidant 6000x more powerful than vitamin C, it’s possible she would have avoided getting sick in the first place. probably have heard of antioxidants, but I bet you don’t really know what they are.

Antioxidants fight free radicals. Free radicals are what scientists believe cause most of the aging, disease and suffering we encounter today.

So fight free radicals - you'll fight aging and disease.
So what are free radicals? It helps if we picture an atom like a circle. When oxidation occurs, the circle gets broken. That leaves this open circle floating around your body.  

Now the broken circle wants to be complete again, so it looks for things that can close the circle. That leaves it susceptible to disease and toxins that can complete the circle, but also cause disease.

But if your body is flooded with antioxidants, the antioxidants complete these circles. That means your body is full of happy, full circles that are less susceptible to disease and aging.

That’s why I wanted to find a master antioxidant - something that boost immunity and prevent early aging.

I became obsessed with finding the nutrient that would practically make aging almost impossible

But there’s a big problem with many antioxidants.
See some antioxidants, even powerful ones like vitamin C, can actually become PRO oxidant when mixed with certain minerals and vitamins in the body.

That’s right, vitamin C can actually cause oxidation in certain cases. 

So not only did I want a super anti-oxidant, but I wanted one that would not become a pro-oxidant.
That’s when a random medical journal I found opened my eyes...

I couldn’t believe it when I first found this ‘super algae’ - how could all this be true?

I found it in an obscure medical journal that most doctors have never heard of. The authors were publishing the results of a breast tumor study and in their notes they listed at least 10 other benefits for this bizarre algae.

This algae is found in the world’s pristine oceans. It’s what gives salmon the incredible ability to swim thousands of miles upstream and it turns flamingos pink.

But the benefits for us are just jaw-dropping.  

The research proves this antioxidant can be used for all the following...

Treating Cognitive Decline...3
Slows mental decline
Since the active components in this compound can easily cross the blood-brain barrier, it helps slow mental decline. It can even nourish diseased brain cells, giving patients the ability to remember more, longer..
Slowing the effects of neurological problems..16
Slows the effects of rare brain conditions..
So your muscles will stay strong, your memory will improve, and you won’t lose the ability to be independent. Some people might find they don’t have to take as much of their prescriptions, which can cause nausea and disorientation in some people.
Make skin appear decades younger10
Improve the appearance of aging skin..
It has been proven to help smooth wrinkles, hydrate from the inside out, and lighten dark spots. It actually regenerates collagen, increases fatty tissues for increased firmness, and significantly slows the aging process. It even prevents sun burns and has been called ‘sun screen in a pill’.
Increases energy and endurance...11
Increases energy and endurance...
It has been shown to radically increase endurance in humans, just like it does for salmon. 

Not only that, but it helps with chronic fatigue syndrome, too. So if you need fuel for daily tasks and life in general, this is the nutrient you need!
Kills invasive breast and skin cells...12
Kills invasive breast and skin cells...
This is the study that caught my eye. The study show that this algae slowed the growth of tumors after the first dose, and then started killing tumor cells after day 6.

Improves eyesight13
Improves eyesight...
It can improve eyesight by slowing and then reversing age-related vision problems. Talk about results!
This isn’t the end of the list, but it’s impressive.

Basically, this nutrient can slow aging significantly.

I’m telling you...this nutrient should be in every home in the world.

Now, like I shared earlier, I’m not here to give you my version of it.

Instead, I’m here to do something better. I’m here to even the playing field.

So I know you’re wondering: what the heck is it?

it’s called astaxanthin, and I believe it's the miracle molecule we all need.

Now, if you know anything about astaxanthin, you already know not all sources are the same.

You can get it from a plant source like algae or from animal sources like yeast.
A German scientist named Richard Kuhn13 discovered astaxanthin.

He was able to isolate it from a lobster and found that it not only gave certain animals their reddish/pinkish coloring but it also increased their strength and energy.

Kuhn actually won the Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry for his study of carotenoids and vitamins.
He distinguished himself among his peers. And he’s the reason why...

...Astaxanthin is one of the most impactful micronutrients ever discovered.14

...Astaxanthin is one of the earliest 
micronutrients studied by researchers

To date, more than 1,000 scientific peer reviews noting its benefits have been published.

Researchers have guessed for a while that astaxanthin is the reason why Asian women look so young for so long.

And scientists, physicians, and researchers are catching on to this miracle nutrient, recommending it as a daily supplement to as many as they can.
The thing is...where you get it matters. 

If you buy a supplement and it’s sourced some places, you won’t have a lot of astaxanthin hitting your bloodstream. It’s not bioavailable.

However if you get it from a better’ll have enough of it flowing through your body to make a real difference in how you feel every day.
  • You want fewer aches and pains…
  • You want to be healed of your diseases like God promised...
  • You want to be able to see better…
  • You want more energy and less pain…
  • You want more stem cells...
  • And you want to live longer….
That’s why I want to give you the best source of astaxanthin.

But you may be wondering...

How Does Astaxanthin Work On So Many Different Parts Of The Body?

Remember when I said astaxanthin was a super powerful antioxidant? As in, 6000x more powerful than vitamin C powerful?

Well that's important because it turns out ALL aging is caused by oxidation.

Oxidation is simply the breakdown of our cells as we age.

'Free radicals' attack healthy cells and slowly break them down.
Free radicals can come from air pollution, processed food, contaminated water, and about 1000 other sources.

It's impossible to avoid free radicals.  But you can repair and even prevent oxidation with a powerful antioxidant.

Scientists have a measure for the power of an antioxidant.  They call it Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC.  

It measures the ingredient's ability to repair damage by free radicals.  

The higher the number the better.

- Acai berry has an ORAC score of 102,700.

- Resveratrol (the anti-aging compound find in grapes and wine) has an ORAC score of 311,403.

- Turmeric/curcumin, one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth?  ORAC score of 1,525,000.

- CoQ10, the most popular antioxidant on the shelf today? It's ORAC score is 2,004,200.

But astaxanthin takes the cake.

It's ORAC score is 2,822,200 21, which is 40% higher than CoQ10!

That means it's 40% more effective than CoQ10 at absorbing free radicals.  

And scientists know that astaxanthin is 800 times more powerful than CoQ10 at what they call 'oxygen singlet quenching'.   

Singlet oxygen is generated by things like UV rays in the sun.

So Now You're Wondering: "If This Stuff Is So Good Why Haven't I Heard Of It Before??"

Look, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I don't wear a tin foil hat.  But there is a concerted effort to keep cheap, effective medications like this out of your hands.

And as you probably already know, the main culprit is Big Pharma.  They are very good at hiding these kinds of studies and results from public view.  They pay researchers to produce studies for their drugs and then donate big money to the journals that publish the results.

All this squeezes out natural remedies like the ones I use.  There is no one willing to pay millions of dollars for the public relations and advertising needed to get the word out about astaxanthin or any other natural cure.

I mean think about it: when is the last time you saw a TV ad for turmeric, or garlic, or any of the dozens of other natural plants that are just as powerful as their prescription counterparts?

There's no money in these remedies because the insurance companies - who are in bed with the drug companies - would never cover them.  

I mean I had to dig DEEP into the research to find this stuff, its just not covered in normal medical journals because they get their info spoon fed from drug companies.
I’m doing this because I’ve learned over the years that they bank on human fear.

They capitalize on it, daily. They even create diseases for us to worry about. It’s a never ending cycle designed to keep you locked up with anxiety and dread for the future.

I refuse to be a part of this medical “circus.”
Why? Well, I believe prevention and education are what matter most. 

I believe in living life free and happy because there’s enough that’s gonna bring us down. 

And so I want to give you what you need to know to save money, live your actual best life, and “stick it” to the man. might not know this, but there’s an active campaign to keep you from knowing how to take care of yourself.

The Pharmaceutical Industry wants you dependent on them. For life.

Until you die.

But I want to give you that control back. 

That's why you need me.  I'll do the research for you. I'll make sure it REALLY works.  I'll find the best sources of where to buy it. 

That’s why I created...


The age-defying 
super supplement everyone needs 
in their regimen

This is the culmination of my life's work.

This is the ONE THING I suggest ALL of my patients take.

My patients come to me complaining of joint pain, mental decline, heart issues, poor immunity, and a million other things.

Basically they are aging rapidly and need help stopping the decline.

This is the first thing I give all of my patients...

Because its so powerful that is can slow or even stop the progression of aging and the dozens of processes that cause it.

So I explain it to them and how it can change their life.  

And then I watch them slowly transform back into the vibrant, happy people they were when they were younger.

These are just some of the the things you'll feel after taking PureXanthin

You might notice your eyeglasses don't work so well...

...because your eyesight will actually be improving! I hear it from dozens of patients, they have to remove their glasses at times because their eyes are getting better.  Studies have shown that PureXanthin can  improve your eyes' ability to focus, the speed of focus, and blood flow in the eyes.13

You'll probably notice your blood pressure and cholesterol decline...

PureXanthin has been shown to improve the elasticity of your arteries17.  With more flexible arteries, you'll have better overall heart health and see a reduction in blood pressure. Plus a double blind, placebo study showed PureXanthin can reduce bad cholesterol by as much as 29%.18

Balance your blood and detoxify at the cellular level...

using the same blend of nutrients that the French Army used during WWII when they ran out of plasma for blood transfusions. This nutrient is found in the ocean, and is both a food source for human beings and it duplicates what’s already found in our blood. It can revolutionize your body at a cellular level in a matter of days. (page 589)

Your joint aches will fade way...

PureXanthin can help you move freely with little to no pain. Now you can enjoy your favorite sports and hobbies without those stiff, painful joints you dealt with for years.  One study showed that the main ingredient in PureXanthin reduced inflammation by 67%!19

Your could improve your memory, focus and mood...

A recent double-blind placebo based study showed PureXanthin's active ingredients helped people recall things faster and more accurately.  It even showed improvement in mental reaction times.20  Imagine if you could not only remember things you had forgotten, but remember them FASTER than ever!

The common mineral that knocks out the common cold in minutes...

so you will never miss a thing, you can get a good night’s rest, and you can tell your friends you finally found the cure to the common cold. (page 82)

You'll be able to exercise for longer and prevent muscle and bone damage...

PureXanthin's primary ingredient is what powers salmon to swim thousands of miles upstream to spawn. So it's no wonder professional athletes turn to it to help protect their muscles from fatigue and increase stamina!

You're skin will look years younger...

My patients report their skin feels softer, moister, and firmer.  And it can smooth small wrinkles. Plus if you take astaxanthin regularly you can skip the sunscreen.  Seriously, it's like sunscreen in a pill!22

The sweet treat that’ll help you lose weight while you sleep at night...

so you don’t have to feel bad about your sweet tooth that creeps up on you at bedtime. Rest well, replenish your body the vitamins its craving, and shed the excess pounds. (page 247)
That's why I say PureXanthin can reverse aging.  

Think about all the things we deal with as we grow older.

- aches and pains
- poor memory
- sagging skin
- low energy
- heart problems

PureXanthin can help with every single one of those things.  

It's truly a jack of all trades and supplement that everyone needs to add to their morning routine.

But don't take my word for it...

Just look at what my clients say...

I have been seeing Dr. LaGuardia for over ten years. He's fixed all kinds of different issues for me, from indigestion to shoulder pain.  

But PureXanthin is the best thing he's ever recommended.  I have seen my energy get much better lately.  I started walking the golf course instead of using a cart and I'm still ready to go after walking 18 holes. 

My golf buddies are amazed and I've got two of them on PureXanthin now too. I'm a fan for life.
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Dave S. in East Killingly, CT - Aug 10, 2021
Dr. LaGuardia is an excellent clinician. I find him very approachable. He is open and easy to discuss any situation with. I have recommended him to my entire family and my daughter-in-law.

A few months ago he recommended I get on PureXanthin as a supplement.  Let me tell you, I take a lot of supplements but none of them work like this one!

I noticed the pain in my hips faded pretty quickly.  And my eyes got better, I'd have to take off my glasses at times because they actually correcting too much.

And sunscreen!  I haven't worn sunscreen at all this summer, I don't need it!
2 people found this helpful
Donna M. in Coventry, CT - Sep 21, 2021
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Ralph, he is a magician! His Purexanthin has made my mind sharper.  I notice I don't struggle finding the right word as much.  And I am able to do the crossword puzzle much faster.  I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't happened to me.
Chris P. in Oak Creek, CT - Oct 09, 2021
I saw Dr. LaGuardia for issues I was experiencing with my back. I did not know what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was he very courteous, he took his time explaining everything I needed to know. 

He recommended I take PureXanthin for some pains I had, and it worked. I also notice my skin feels moister and smoother.  Plus I feel more energy all day. I highly recommend Dr. LaGuardia !
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Petra R. in Mansfield, CT - Aug 21, 2021

Now Before You Run Out and Try To Find Astaxanthin On Your Own, Read This...

The truth is, growing astaxanthin is a complex process.  It's also called red algae and it must be grown in very specific conditions to be effective and absorbable.

It’s expensive to find and complicated to grow.

I know because…

When I went on a search for the purest form of astaxanthin, I stumbled across a company that has a farm where they grow it.

I’m pleased to say that they grow astaxanthin in a pristine environment where toxic pollutants from air and water can’t get in the way.

Not only that, but they employ two growth phases - one for starting growth, and one for boosting nutrition to the highest level possible.

This is the complicated part…

The green phase is for providing high levels of nutrition to the baby algae.

The red phase is to amp up it’s sun-powered benefits to their highest levels.
After I found out everything necessary for a high quality product like this, I went ahead and asked this company to partner with me.

They explained to me that their algae goes through a very intense, red phase...meant to mimic the algae’s response to being out in sunlight for a long time.

The red phase of growth causes astaxanthin to form and multiply like crazy...

...this method produces the highest concentrations of therapeutic astaxanthin in the world.

But what you mix in with astaxanthin is important too.  You have to combine two ingredients for maximum absorption: soybean oil and vitamin E.

As you know the body is about 60% water, and oil and water don't mix.

So we use vitamin E and soybean oil to help cross the blood-brain barrier.  

That means you won't excrete PureXanthin, you'll absorb it and all it's healing powers!

But I want to help with all sorts of health problems so...

I'll Also Include A Free Bonus If You Upgrade Your Package Today...

The Bible Of Alternative Medicine (normally $29)
This book summarizes all the work I've done over 40 years helping people get healthy. There are dozens of at-home remedies for everything from the common cold to serious disease.
  • A secret, herbal blend formulated to treat diabetes (page 429)
  • Balance your blood sugars and detoxify at the cellular level with this 'sea milk' (page 350)
  • Find the vegetable you probably already have in your fridge that’ll lower your high blood pressure (page 433)
  • The easy-to-find mineral that knocks out the common cold in minutes (page 36)
  • The sweet treat that’ll help you lose weight while you sleep at night (page 134)
  • How to build a strong, healthy body at any age using the “three sisters” that Native Americans ate regularly (page 11)
It's yours free with our upgraded PureXanthin packages.

Look...I believe that everything good you put out into the world comes back to you.

I believe it because I continually experience it. My entire life, I’ve experienced the blessings of doing good to others. 

That’s why I am a giver in addition to being a healer.

I notice that everything you give comes back to you - bigger and better.

And that’s why I know I have to get this book and this supplement out into the world. You see…

With PureXanthin and The Bible of Alternative Medicine You Can Transform Yourself 
Inside & Out

See my purpose is to make sure that free people STAY free.

If this is the Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave, then I want to act like it.

Free people don’t need permission from the FDA or Big Pharma to do what’s good for their health.
The don’t need anyone’s permission to radically improve your health - do it for you.

I truly believe PureXanthin and Bible of Alternative Medicine will give you back FULL personal control over your health.

I look and feel 20 years younger than I am…

...and it’s all because of this powerful book I want to put into your hands.
Now normally I charge at least $29 for the downloadable version of The Bible Of Alternative Medicine.

And I've seen pure, non-Chinese astaxanthin tablets go for as much as $2 apiece!

But times are tough, people are out of work, and medical costs are skyrocketing. So I’m going all out and discounting everything today.

I want to help everyone around world to start using these cures now to rid themselves of premature aging.

So I’m offering exclusive packages with the book and bottles of PureXanthin for people who want to revolutionize their health inside and out.
If you have questions in the meantime, you can feel free to reach out to us at

Our customer service is amazing and will respond to you quickly.

I can’t want to read testimonials of yours like these…
A must have for everyone, NO MORE PAIN!
Verified Purchase

I’ve been in excruciating pain for 19 years. Yes you read that right. I’ve had 2 knee replacements and multiple surgeries and nothing and I mean nothing has eased any of my pain. I don’t even know how I stumbled on this. I guess it’s a God wink. 

I take 1 a day with lunch. It took a good 2 weeks to kick in. I can say I have NO PAIN anywhere in my body. I went to my doctor on September 18,2021 and was taken off of 4 medications. I am also doing no carb no sugar diet to lower A1C and I feel like I’m 20 years younger. Everyone I see say that I’m glowing I wire my pain on my face. No hiding it. 

I’m 69 and I’ll never be without PureXanthin. Never!!!!! 
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Stewart L.
Lowers blood glucose levels among other benefits
Reviewed in the United States on September 30
Verified Purchase

If I could give more stars I would. Besides all the amazing benefits I’ve experienced there is one significant side effect. After a few months of taking astaxanthin my fasting glucose went from 89 to 77. I have not changed my diet. The same thing happened with my husband. His went from 99 to 78.

I’m fair skinned and this has helped to prevent sunburn.

We don’t get all the colds that our little kids catch.

Nails and hair grow fast. And brown spots from pregnancy went away within weeks of starting.

My husbands hyperthyroidism is under control now and I credit the astaxanthin for that.

I know I’m forgetting something but this stuff is nothing short of a miracle pill.
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Christina H.
Saved My Eyesight
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Imagine my surprise when the optometrist was reluctant to give me a prescription. He said that a prescription wouldn't really help. I insisted on one anyway and was shocked when I saw how much clearer my vision became with the glasses.

But glasses, as I discovered, are not without their drawbacks. What I initially intended to be classroom/driving glasses turned into a dependency. I learned that your eye muscles become weakened and my vision severely worsened without them, so I had to wear them most of the time. I used them to graduate and then stopped. Slowly my vision returned to its pre-college state; still fuzzy at distances but good enough to do daily life.

Purexanthin came in by accident. I was researching antioxidants and this seemed like a good one. I noticed one or two people said they had improved vision but didn't think much of it since I never see dramatic results with supplements and was taking it for other benefits anyway. I couldn't believe it when about 4 weeks after taking it my vision improved. Switching from close to long range vision became seamless again!
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And I bet your doctor’s and urgent care visits go way down after you get this book. 

You can throw a whole shelf full of supplements out when you start taking PureXanthin!
You’ll save THOUSANDS on medical bills and doctors visits.

Just take 2 a day with food.

And the results are undeniable.
Now, I want you to know that we have an iron-clad guarantee - FOR LIFE. 

That’s unheard of in my industry.

If for any reason at any time you don't like PureXanthin just email us and we'll give you your money back.

It’s that easy.

I'm so confident that you'll love PureXanthin I've made sure there's no time limit on your satisfaction.

It's time to STOP the aging clock... 

You don’t have to suffer anymore.

You don't have to worry if that thing you're dealing with is just going to get worse.

Pain, low energy, poor eyesight, sagging skin, heart problems, even serious health problems can be a thing of the past.
The first thing we need to do is to stop the oxidation process in your body.

That's exactly what PureXanthin does.

And when you do that, just about everything in your body gets better.

Still don't believe me?

Well the only thing left to do is to try it for yourself.

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Thanks for stopping by, I wish you all the health and happiness in the world...

Dr. Ralph La Guardia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the PureXanthin?

It's the result of over 40 years of research and practice in my medical clinic in Connecticut.   I was looking for the ultimate supplement, and this is it.  It is the 'red algae' that is found in pristine oceans.  It also helps animals like salmon and flamingoes have incredible energy and endurance. Professional athletes swear by it.

This can replace a whole shelf full of supplements and solve so many of the health issues you're dealing with today.  Pain, low energy, poor eyesight, sagging skin, heart problems, even serious health problems can be a thing of the past.

Q. Who are you?

I'm Dr. Ralph La Guardia, a medical doctor.  I have been helping people live longer and happier lives with the power of both western medicine and traditional medical practices.  The combination means I am open to all forms of treatment, and my patients get the best of all worlds.  That's why I have a 4.9 star rating on Health Grades.

Q. Why isn't it available in stores?

I want to sell this direct to folks just like you so I can explain how it works and so I can answer any questions you have.  If I sell it in stores you'd never be able to talk to me!  I answer email questions from my clients all the time, and I'll be happy to answer yours.

Q. What if I don't like it?

I offer the only LIFETIME guarantee on a supplement in the world.  If you're ever dissatisfied with anything just let me know and I'll give you all your money back, no questions asked.

Q. How do I get it?

Just click the button below and you'll be taken to my secure checkout page.  I never sell or share your information and your checkout is encrypted so I don't have access to your credit card number.   



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