The Truth About Sunscreen

What if we could just take a pill instead?

Let me tell you what happened one day when I forgot to wear sunscreen, and then hung out on the beach for 7 hours!

Because I’m usually the color of boiled lobster after hanging outside with my friends and family all day long.

But if you do this just one time a day, you’ll turn your body into a machine that blocks harmful UV rays all day and reverses aging from the inside and out.

That’s right.

You can have that soft brown glow after a day out in the hot sun - without the redness, freckling, and peeling you had in the past.

Most importantly, what if you could enjoy the sun without worrying about it aging your skin into looking like an old leather bag?

What if we could look like this:

Instead of this:

And you probably won’t need any more messy (and potentially deadly!) sunscreen creams, gels, or sprays to do it, either.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In fact, you might not ever have to go back to putting the stuff on again if you try this little skin-saving hack I literally stumbled on.

It’s that effective…

...and I believe that being able to spend time outside in the sunshine is important. The past year has shown us that.

And now...with everything opening back up again, it’s SO important that you’re able to enjoy your time in the sun.

Nothing makes you look and feel healthier than a nice golden glow from the sun. And it’s no wonder, absorbing the sun’s rays IS healthy - as long as you block the one part of it that can destroy our skin.

I’ll show you how to do it in a moment without slathering on sticky, slimy, smelly lotions.
Just imagine: Instead of spending 10 minutes putting on a toxic sludge that you have to keep putting on every 3 hours, you can do something really simple first thing in the morning before you ever leave the house.
Something that will last you all day long.
  • In return, watch any wrinkles you have get smoother…
  • No more painful redness after being outside for hours.
  • Bask in the glow of all the compliments you’ll get on your smooth, sun-kissed skin.
  • Watch your varicose veins disappear!
  • Look and feel healthier than you have in years.
  • No more puffy bags under your eyes, either
On top of that, you’ll find….
  • have the energy you need to spend extended time with friends and family…
  • ...your eyesight will improve drastically
  • heal faster from injuries. 
  • It’s easier to get stronger muscles and do physical activities.
  • And even notice your endurance increasing each day so you won’t need naps in the middle of the day.
All this….just from throwing away your “skin-protecting” creams, sprays, and gels and doing what I do in the morning for 7 seconds, instead... 

And (best part) it only costs less than a couple of dollars a it won’t break your budget at all.

With the outside opening back up again, it’s important for us to be able to take full advantage of sunlight…

...because the truth is we all need it.

The sun isn’t our enemy.

A certain kind of sunlight is - and I’ll tell you why, because they really don’t want you to know…) (1)

I Figured Out How To Get All The Benefits Of Sunshine And Avoid The Harms of These Deadly Rays and The Deadly Creams That Are Supposed To Block Them don’t know me.

I’m a Dad. And it’s usually the Moms worrying about this kind of thing for the whole family.

But I’m a supplement formulator and I live out west surrounded by the beauty of Nature.

Every day I get to see the most incredible sunrises and sunsets.

And I want to have fun outside with my family whenever the urge kicks in. 

I don’t want to feel like I’m in prison and can only go out at certain times of the day.
Maybe you can relate...

The problem is...I typically burn pretty badly. 

And it’s scary. I’ve gotten burns on my face, shoulders and back that should have been seen by a doctor…

...and I always wonder if my skin is going to surprise me with cancer someday - because that’s what the media has told me over and over again.
This is me just a couple years ago after just a few hours outside without sunscreen.
You know….it’s overwhelming to think about the ways the media has worked a number on us, isn’t it??

If you believe them being out in the sun for too long is going to kill us all. 

Dermatologists say we should wear sunscreen and long shirts even on cloudy days!

But they only tell one side of the story.

Because the sun has a lot of benefits for us, too. 

Look, we need the sun. We survived and thrived for centuries being outside from sunup to sun down. And we somehow did it without the sun killing us.  

Have you ever wondered why?

The sun is SO good for you:
  • Without sunlight, our bodies wouldn’t get vitamin D. And without vitamin D we wouldn’t be able to get all the calcium we need from our diets. Which means all humans would have brittle bones that break easily.
  • And one of the first things doctors gave patients who were suffering from severe COVID infections was vitamin D.(2) Why? Because it boosts your immune system and eases inflammation. 
  • The sun releases serotonin in the body, which is the ‘happy hormone’. Ever noticed your mood lifts when you go outside?
  • Low sunlight and vitamin D levels are associated with cancer, including prostate and ovarian cancer (16)
  • The sun can actually heal certain skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and jaundice(2)
  • It has also been shown to treat arthritis, lupus, and IBS, and thyroid conditions.
In fact we probably wouldn’t need a bunch of supplements and medication if we simply spent more time out in the sun and absorbed its life-giving rays.

But certain parts of sunshine can be deadly. We simply need to block that part of the sun.

Can we do that and still get what we need?

That’s what I knew I had to figure out. (And...I did). 

Because I don’t want to go outside looking like this, do you?

This is how I accidentally discovered the remedy for all the “cover-up” madness that comes with Summertime

(And all I was looking for was a way to improve my eyesight.)

This remedy is so surprising that I almost didn’t believe it was possible until I spent an entire day in the sun with my family and didn’t get a lick of sunburn the next day.

I forgot to put on sun protectant before leaving - have you ever made that mistake?

I’ll tell you all about it in a second...

...but before I do, you should know this isn’t some newfangled remedy based on herbal folklore.
This is a real nutrient your body can use right away...and it might even help you see better, exercise longer and think clearer.

You can spot animals that use this nutrient easily. 

You might even have it sitting in your cabinet or in your freezer.

Even more...many celebrity physicians and elite athletes swear by it for anti-aging and peak physical performance.

You just need to use it once a day, first thing in the morning...and you’re good to go.
  • No unsafe food interactions.
  • It’s so inexpensive people call it a ‘no-brainer’.
  • And it’s so much better for you than the alternatives that you’ll wonder why you ever used them.
In fact, if you use this remedy, you might be able to get rid of a few other supplements you’ve been buying...because this one is SO good for you.
  • Hard to believe, but it’s 6000 times more powerful an antioxidant and immune booster than Vitamin C… (3)
  • Research has also proven that it’s better to use this every morning instead of drinking green tea - over 500% better! (3)
  • It’s also 540 times stronger than Vitamin E. (3)

This skin-regenerating solution 
won the Nobel Prize. 

This skin-regenerating solution won the Nobel Prize. 

It was discovered accidentally in Germany. call it a breakthrough for modern health would be an understatement. 

As you already saw, it has the longest (and maybe the strangest) list of health benefits I’ve seen in my entire career. 

No wonder the man who discovered it won the Nobel Prize. this point you might be rolling your eyes.  

I would be too if I didn’t know that all this to be true.

Don’t believe me?

Well...let me tell you who I am and 
what happened after I tried it…

Well...let me tell you who I am and what happened after I tried it…

My name is Kriss Berg. 

I’m a certified nutritionist, researcher and educator. 

I am a master product formulator, and I’m trained in nutrition and physical fitness. 

My company is called Legendary Ventures.
And I’ve spent my entire life learning about the human body and creating healthy solutions that make life better for all humans - without damaging the planet. I really just want to make the world a better place for all of us. 

And so far, so good. 

My company has created skincare, weight loss, and blood pressure solutions that actually work.

We blend the best of eastern and western medicine to create natural remedies that people appreciate. Our customers love us and what we do.

I also have a beautiful wife and two wonderful children…

We live out West in Colorado. 

Lots of people call this God’s Country...and I get it.

It’s incredible living out here.

But I have to admit...I’ve always dreaded going outside for longer than an hour or two.


One word: sunscreen. 

Let me tell it like it is:
Sunscreen SUCKS 
(and it might be killing us) 

The stuff that actually works, like zinc, is thicker than paint and smells like a refinery.  

The stuff that goes on easier doesn’t really work - you have to keep applying it 2-3x a day.

And as I’ll show you in a moment - your sunscreen could be disrupting your hormone function. It can lower testosterone in men and lead to a dangerous condition in the uterus for women.
It’s a wonder the FDA has approved this stuff.

Oh wait - hold the phone - THEY HAVEN’T.  

That’s the right the most common ingredients in sunscreen ARE NOT FDA APPROVED. In fact the FDA is actively recalling millions of bottles of sunscreen right at this moment as they scramble to catch up to the science.(13)

What they are finding is that the ingredients are readily absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream. And these ingredients can cause serious disruptions to your hormones.

If you’re like me you’re thinking “Of course they are absorbed into the skin! The skin is the body’s largest organ!”

I mean how do these people think nicotine patches work? 

But at least applying all this sunscreen over the years has led to lower rates of skin cancer, right?

Wrong again.

SHOCKER: Despite decades of increased sunscreen usage, melanoma rates are just going up...

Yeah, sunscreen just isn't doing its job if you look at this chart:

Age-Adjusted Melanoma Incidence Rates, Actual and Projected, by Sex, 1975–2020(20)

This isn't shocking if you do basic research on sunscreen.  

I'll show you in a moment that most sunscreen isn't even designed to block the rays that cause skin cancer!

Which is why I ask again: why are we slathering this toxic sludge all over ourselves???!!!

Well the answer for me was I wanted to avoid sunburn.  That's obvious, right? But it was especially important for me.

See, I was always 'bad sunburn guy'. Not only did I burn easy, but I would have all these weird burn lines, sunscreen hand prints, even blisters in weird places.  

But that all changed one day when I forgot to put ANY sunscreen on the one day we ended spending all day in the boiling hot sun...

One weekend, we planned to 
spend the day at the lake with the kids

As we got dressed to leave, I joked to my wife, “Maybe I should just wear a bedsheet. Maybe then I won’t get sunburn.”

She laughed at me.

I quickly took my eyesight pill that I’d recently formulated and finished getting ready.

In my rush to get the kids ready and get all the stuff we needed for a day at the lake..
...I completely forgot to put on sunscreen...and then we went out the door. 

Now keep in mind this lake is at an elevation of 7800 feet above sea level. The sun is WAY more intense at that elevation.

We spent maybe 3 hours outside. Had a great day!

As we were packing up to return home, some friends showed up and wanted to hang out longer.

I didn’t even think about the fact that I hadn’t put on my skin protectant.

3 hours turned into 5… and then 7...

...and we got home after dark.
This is me after 7 hours in the sun.  A little pink but nothing like normal.
My shoulder and forehead felt a little red, so I had my wife take a look. I thought it was a little red, but not too bad considering how long we were out.

She said, “You might want to put some aloe on that. So it won’t hurt, tomorrow.”

I agreed.  I even took a picture of myself in the mirror that night because I was curious why my skin didn't hurt like it normally would.

But over the course of the evening, just like with the sunscreen, I forgot all about the aloe. 
...but it didn’t matter because there was no pain the next day.

My shoulder wasn’t even pink anymore. And there was no soreness. No freckles, either.

On top of all that, there wasn’t a trace of sunburn anywhere else on my body - which was weird because I’m always the first and worst burned.
Here's me the very next morning.  I'm not really even red anymore.  You can see over night my skin just turned a nice, even brown.

There's still some redness here and there.  But considering that just a few weeks before this I would have been crying out in pain.

I would have had peeling, freckling, even blistering in spots.  

Have you ever had blisters on your face from the sun?  I have.  And all it took was 5 hours of intense sunshine.

Now I was staying out for longer and was just...getting tan.  
This is me the very next day.  The pinkness has turned into a tan overnight.

But for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. 

What had changed?  

What had turned me from a burner to a tanner, virtually overnight?

A few days later as I was taking my morning dose of supplements, I realized there was only one thing I was doing different….and it had to be my eyesight pill.

When I told my wife my suspicion, 
she didn’t believe me. 

She thought I must have put sunscreen on and forgotten about it.

But I knew that couldn’t be it. 

I was sure I hadn’t put any on. 

The only thing I was doing differently was taking a supplement I’d just created to improve my vision…

...and it was obviously working because I often have to take off my glasses to see better.

Nowadays, I might not even put them on at all.

Considering all this, 
I decided to try an experiment.

I would go sunscreen free for the next week, no matter what our family decided to do - indoors or out.

And guess what?

I got ZERO sunburn.

I didn’t even have any discomfort.

I’ll admit I doubled my dose the first day of my experiment because I was terrified of burning.
Time and time again I would watch a mild pinkness turn into a nice tan virtually over night.
But my fears were unfounded. All because of this miraculous ingredient.

And I had a bunch of my friends and clients try it.  I'll show you their results in a moment.

Look. I wasn’t even going for any kind of skin-related benefits when I started using it. 

I just wanted better eyesight since I stare at the computer for so many hours a day.

After a few weeks, I didn’t have to use glasses all day long anymore.
My tired, dry eyes felt fresh and clear even after a long day in front of the computer.

But this skin’s huge. 

Using this super nutrient has given me back parts of my life that I didn’t even realize I was losing...just by allowing me to be outside for longer.
  • My wife and children are happier because I can spend undistracted, unlimited quality time with them, now. It’s priceless.
  • I look great and have a nice, deep tan. I don’t get any of the peeling, wrinkling, or freckling that I did before. My skin literally glows.
  • Most importantly, I feel better and have more energy than ever - I have rediscovered just how important the sun is for our overall health. It gives us energy, it gives us critical vitamins, and it gives us life.
But of course there are parts of sunshine that are dangerous...

Here’s why we need to block certain parts of sunlight from destroying our skin...

I mentioned that our ancestors lived out in the sun and didn’t suffer negative side effects. But that’s not the whole story.

See the sunshine they experienced and the one we experience today is very different.

Because of the breakdown of the ozone layer, more UV rays are reaching the earth now than in human history.

In fact in some places of the world people are getting 150% more UV rays thanks to holes in the ozone. (14)

Living with ultraviolet light every day is like taking the tiniest bit of poison in your orange juice every morning.

You won’t die right away...but it’s a tortuous, downright ugly way to go.
Same with sunlight and those UV rays.

UV light is an invisible, radioactive light that does a lot of harm to our skin.

There are three kinds of UV light - UVA, UVB, and UVC. (4)
  • UVA has the longest light waves...
  • UVB has shorter waves...
  • ...and UVC has the shortest light waves.
UVA is associated with sun burn. 

UVB is associated with skin aging. (4)
Bottom line: It’s UVA that breaks down our skin and causes the most damage, wrinkles, and disease over the long run. In fact UV damage is the #1 cause of aging skin.(4)
None of this is fun.

But it’s why we put so much stuff on our skin. 

We just want to be able to go outside when the weather is good and not come back home with burns.

The problem is... those creams, gels, and potions DO NOT protect our skin from harmful light - and they have horrible chemicals in them!

Melanin is what gives your skin, eyes, and hair their color.

I bet you didn't know this: 95% of sunscreens do nothing for UVA light.  

That's right, the UV rays that actually age your skin go right through the vast majority of sunscreens.  

Unless you're using zinc oxide sunscreen, your sunscreen is not protecting you from the aging effects of the sun.  And zinc oxide is that nasty, white paste that literally covers your skin.


And no matter what kind of sunscreen you're using...

...every time you put that stuff on your skin, you’re basically just slathering a sludge of chemicals all over your largest organ.

And it’s absorbing into your bloodstream.

And now the FDA has recalled millions of bottles of sunscreen with deadly ingredients in them.  

Does your sunscreen have any of these ingredients in it?
Makes your skin softer so the ingredients can “get in.” It’s also a hormone disruptor, an allergen, and could cause infertility, lowers testosterone, could lead to low birth weight… the list goes on and on. This nasty stuff comes from a barrel of oil, and needs to stay there if you ask me.(6)
Also penetrates the skin and is an endocrine disruptor. That means it has a negative effect on your hormones to the point where many people need prescription drugs. It also creates free radicals, which promote wrinkles and early aging. Isn’t that kind of the exact opposite of what we want from our sunscreen?
Actually makes more free radicals when exposed to sunlight (and as I’ll show you in a moment, free radicals are the real problem with aging skin).
Disrupts the female reproductive hormone, estrogen, and possibly leads to breast cancer!!(6)
Is it any wonder why we're in the midst of a hormone disorder crisis in this country?
Did you know...for decades the FDA allowed the companies that sell sunscreen do so without any oversight? 

They are only now catching up to the fact that some of these ingredients are poisonous - maybe more poisonous than UV rays.

Can you believe...they just assumed all the ingredients would be safe????

Well, they aren’t. 
It’s time to ask, “Is the cure worse than the disease?”

And most of these skin protecting creams and gels will have the ingredients I just shared with you a moment ago... and sometimes many more.

You deserve better, in my humble opinion. 

So let me tell you about melanin so you can understand how this supernutrient turns your skin into a UV ray blocking organ.

It all has to do with melanin. The more melanin in your skin, the safer you are from the sun’s harmful UV rays. (7)

Melanin is what gives your skin, 
eyes, and hair their color.

Melanin is what gives your skin, eyes, and hair their color.

Generally-speaking, the closer your ancestors were to the equator, the darker your skin, right?

Well the reason for that is melanin.

Melanin absorbs harmful UV rays and that is what makes the skin darker. 

If you don’t have much melanin, you’ll burn and get freckles - like I did. (7)

But it’s a lot less likely with extra melanin. with extra melanin doesn’t age as quickly or lose elasticity as easily. 
If you don’t believe me, think about Asian women who seem to age much slower than lighter-complexioned women.

And think about black women who are often complimented with, “Black don’t crack.”
See...what most of us haven’t realized is that tanning and burning are both melanin-based inflammatory and protective responses to UV rays.

Here’s how this supernutrient works to protect us from harsh UV rays...

Step 1:

You take this supernutrient pill first thing in the morning. It takes only a second or two. 

Over the course of a week, it floods your entire body with the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered. 

Imagine distilling 6000 vitamin C tablets down to one tiny capsule - without any negative side effects. That’s basically what you’re doing.. 

Step 2:

Your body becomes an antioxidant machine. The aging process slows down.  

And your skin begins creating melanin you don’t react negatively to the sun.

See, when you’re out in the sun for a long time, if you have lighter skin, your body tries to produce melanin for protection. (8)

If you don’t have enough, your skin will get red. 

In time, if you don’t get out of the sun, you will burn.

It’s that simple…

...but when you take the supernutrient, instead of burning, your body works to create brand new skin fibers.

It increases the amount of collagen, and it looks like you’re aging backwards a bit.

But most importantly it blocks and repairs the oxidation that UV rays cause.

See, oxidation of your skin is
a lot like rust on a car.

See, oxidation of your skin is a lot like rust on a car.

In fact rust is the oxidation of metal.

It happens naturally over time, but water causes cars to rust a lot faster, right?

Sun causes oxidation of the skin to happen a lot faster too. 

That’s why we say the sun as the
#1 cause of aging skin.

That’s why we say the sun as the #1 cause of aging skin.

Oxidized skin shows up as loose, wrinkled, spotted skin that makes us look old. (9)

Now we can prevent rusting and oxidation in a couple ways.

We can coat metal with heavy paint (somewhat effective) or we can actually use metals that are naturally effective at resisting rust (far more effective!). 

The solution can be on top of the metal, or it can be inside the metal.
That’s what the supernutrient does - it solves the problem from the inside. Instead of coating your skin, it builds skin cells that are naturally more resistant to oxidation.

This supernutrient is probably the most powerful antioxidant on earth. 

Remember...I told you it’s 6000 times more powerful than vitamin C as an antioxidant. 

So it repairs the oxidation that UVA and UVB rays cause in your skin.

And it helps your skin to be naturally resistant to the oxidation that UV rays cause.  

It’s so powerful it can actually repair oxidation while the UV rays are causing it!

And it’s been shown to reverse wrinkling, sun spots and more because it’s so good at repairing oxidation!(15)
And the science backs this up.  One study found that this super-nutrient protected the skin from UVA and UVB rays better than many popular skin creams.  And it repaired old oxidation over time.(17)

Another study found that it reversed wrinkling, repaired damaged DNA in the skin, and even healed wounds faster.  (15)

One study showed that adding this super-nutrient to your diet could reduce the effect of UVA rays by 60%!(19)

In fact it's so effective at skin repair that one study found it healed skin burns (not just sun burns, actual burns to the skin!) faster than many household creams.(18)

It's also so effective at repairing circulation to the skin that it is used in Japan and Europe to repair varicose veins!
That’s right. It helps you generate new skin cells, new collagen cells, and ultimately gives you that brand new baby skin glow that so many talk about.
No more burns.

No more telltale freckles after a couple of days at the beach.

Just tanned, rich, smooth and beautiful skin you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

And smoother, smaller lines around your face. 
Now you can stop being afraid of the sun and start absorbing it’s healthy, life-giving rays guilt-free.

And then there’s the final step.

Step 3:

All you have to do is just keep taking your skin supernutrient pill, and your body will continue to thank you with more and more benefits.’s too simple.

I mean, this is what happened to me.

And I’m so grateful.
  • I’m saving money because I don’t spend so much on creams that block harmful UV rays.
  • I’m saving time because I don’t have to make my wife slather the stuff all over my back, chest, neck, face, and ears.
  • And I’m probably extending my life because I get all the good stuff from the sun and none of the bad stuff from toxic ingredients in my old creams, sprays, and gels.
I get to experience the life-giving, immune-boosting, joy creating powers of the sun.

...because the very last thing we need right now is to be scared of being outside. It’s been so long since we could all just play freely.

And to think...none of this would have happened if I hadn’t been trying to create a great eyesight supplement.

Right now, I’d like to introduce you to...

Right now, I’d like to introduce you to...

Pure Xanthin

...the only cover-up you’ll need this summer
(because it’s in a pill)
The supernutrient I’ve been talking about is called astaxanthin.

Now, if you know a little about astaxanthin, you already know not all sources are the same. 

Astaxanthin is red. It gives some animals and plants their reddish/pinkish color.

It’s what makes salmon flesh red and flamingos pink.
A German scientist named Richard Kuhn discovered it by isolating the nutrient from a lobster.

Kuhn went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize in Chemistry for his study of carotenoids and vitamins. (10)
And he’s the reason why astaxanthin is one of the most important micronutrients ever discovered.

To date, more than 1,000 scientific peer reviews noting its benefits have been published.

It’s not just a pigment that can protect your skin from the “bad side” of the sun. 

It’s also a miracle nutrient that (again) has almost SO many benefits.

Because of this, I made the decision not to include a single other ingredient.

It’s just Astaxanthin…thus “PureXanthin.”

I went on a search for the purest form of astaxanthin that could serve the most people possible.

And I’m happy I decided to partner with a company that has an astaxanthin “farm.” 

That means they grow astaxanthin in a pristine environment where toxic pollutants from air and water can’t interfere.

Because growing astaxanthin isn’t easy…

...and I wanted to make sure that its red phase of growth was 100% natural. No artificial light.

And no need for nasty chemical extraction.

See...growing heathy, vibrant astaxanthing is HARD...

The green phase is for providing high levels of nutrition to the baby algae. (11)

The red phase is to amp up it’s sun-powered benefits to their highest levels.
The algae in PureXanthin has gone through a very intense, red phase...meant to mimic the algae’s response to being out in sunlight for a long time.

The red phase of growth causes astaxanthin to form and multiply like there’s never any issue of running out of this nutrient.

And this method produces the highest concentrations of therapeutic astaxanthin designed for people to consume. 

The way we grow astaxanthin during its red phase is why it’s so powerful…

...and I now understand why I was able to be outside for so long without any sunscreen at all.

I just want everyone to experience their best summer of all time, this year.

And yes.

That’s over-the-top…

...but we just came through what I consider THE most stressful time in our entire world’s history.

And you know what? We deserve an incredible summer.

So here’s all I have to say: 

So here’s all I have to say: 

Here's how you can look younger, healthier while still enjoying the sun with PureXanthin

This is a summer like no other.

Large cities that were becoming deserted are reinventing themselves and coming back to life.

People are going out to dance at night, again. 

And the beaches are full of happy people - people grateful to be outside in the sunshine again.
Just imagine not having to lug all your sun-protecting products outside with you when you go to have a good time.

Imagine you already took care of your skin that morning - with a pill. 

Your umbrella in a pill will keep you comfortable in the hot sun just like it did me.

All you have to do is take one a day - every day. 

You can do it in the morning at breakfast or in your car on your way to work.

It literally takes seconds…

...and the pill is small. 

It’s easy to swallow.

And most importantly, it works.  

Just look at what my clients have to say...

This Is What Happened When Our Clients Tested PureXanthin

I've been testing it... and it works!

I was REALLY skeptical and thought there was no way you could have a sunscreen in a pill. 

I put sunscreen on one arm and not the other and then pulled weeds in 90-degree heat for 5 hours.  Can you tell the difference?  

The sunscreen arm is my right arm.  I honestly see no difference. The arm that has sunscreen on it actually has a few more freckles.  Not sure if my sunscreen is causing freckles??? 

I tested it 5 more times over the last few weeks, and its the same.  The sunscreen is totally unnecessary.  

I'm convinced, this stuff works. Period. 

No more slimy sunscreens [happy dance]!

~ Catherine S.

Susan used to burn in less than an hour outside...

It works!!!

LOVING this! I took it for about 6 days before going into the sun (close to the equator in Costa Rica) and did not get burned. A miracle as I usually get burned even in northeast USA springtime April sun. I made a point to take it with meals containing fat.

Costa Rica is my "second home" and in the 15 years I have called in such it takes many days of getting pink or red before I work up enough sun tolerance (usually takes MONTHS) to not burn or get pink. 

That being said, I usually ONLY go in very early morning sun like 7am-9:30am. 

This time after taking Purexanthin for 6 days prior I went in 11, 12, 1, 2 o'clock STRONG sun and had NO problem which is just unheard of for me. 

I didn't mind sunblocks, but sunblocks AND SPF shirts still left me pink but not anymore that I am taking Purexanthin.  I will be reordering for sure!

~ Arnie S.

6 month update

I noticed I do not burn as much now when I go in the sun compared to before, I can hold a tan much longer, and I tan faster

I also do not notice my smile lines as much as I used to, which is great. 

My skin has also felt much softer since I started taking these. I also just recently found out that asthaxanthin is an incredibly powerful antioxidant which can also protect you from radiation and cell damage, which is very important to me. I will continue using this product!

~ Nancy in Florida

I didn't really like the sun before I found this

I was pretty skeptical when I heard this stuff could prevent sunburns without having to put sunscreen on. 

But I figured what the hell. I’ve got super sensitive skin and normally have to slather myself in sunscreen to avoid getting burnt (the one downside to my Irish roots)... except I hate the idea of all those chemicals soaking through my pores...and god knows whatever the side effects are. 

So I ordered a few bottles and gave it a try. A week after I started taking it, I went out on a patio to have a few drinks and forgot to put sunscreen on. 

I was out there for probably 4 hours baking in the sun, and I was sure I was gonna burn. But I went home and looked in the mirror, and I was fine! My skin wasn’t even red. I couldn’t believe it. 

This stuff is the real deal and now I enjoy being outdoors so much more.

~ Jim Hamilton

Husband noticed difference... WOW

I absolutely love this Purexanthin . I purchase it for my skin, since I had awful broken varicose veins on my legs, red patches on my face, wrinkles and overall dry skin. I am just about to finish my first bottle and order another one. 

My husband of 30 plus years NEVER notices anything, but while we was out one day, he said most the varicose veins on your legs are gone and ones that are still there are fading, and asked me what I had done to improve them. 

I told him about the Purexanthin, he said I can tell a huge difference in your skin and it has a glow to it..... That right there people made me a true believer of this. 

My husband notices NOTHING... LOL I highly recommend trying this and see if it works as well for you.

~ Jim Hamilton

So here’s all I have to say: 

 Get PureXanthin For As Little As A $1 A Day

Because we're all trying to get outdoors and enjoy the world again, I am going to offer special discounts for people who want to change the way they enjoy the outdoors.

I'm going to show you a way to have it for less than a dollar a day.

This is the one supplement you can’t afford to miss.

PureXanthin is a fraction of the cost of expensive skin treatments, surgeries, tanning parlors, and even expensive and ineffective sunscreens.

Not only does it assist with handling sun protection…

...but it also does all the things I mentioned earlier like…
  • Smoothes wrinkles (12)
  • Improve vision so much that you may no longer need glasses… (12)
  • Soothe your inflamed joints and also... (12)
  • ...Slow brain aging… (12)
All of this for less than a dollar a day.

And look...I'm not getting rich off of this.  

Let me explain why we priced it this way.

First of all, this is the highest quality astaxanthin in the world.

It’s farmed according to best practices and you really can’t get a cleaner manufacturing facility.

Finding the right kind of place to grow astaxanthin is EXPENSIVE. 

On top of that, the processing, bottling, shipping, handling...all this stuff costs real money.

I’m only earning a little bit to compensate me for my time.

I'm making a small hourly wage...because this is my service to humanity.

I don't need mansions and beach houses.

Can't afford those anyway. 

I just hope I make a little bit of money so I can support my family, help people like you and make a real difference in the world.

So you can see I’m serious.

This isn’t about money for me; it’s about being a good human, telling the world about things that can make life better for us all.

That’s all I want to do.
If you don’t like it, you can send it back. No haggling. No questions asked…

If you're dissatisfied at ANY time in the future, even 5 years from now, I'll give you your money back.

...but I don’t believe you’ll need to do that.

I think you’re gonna love Pure Xanthin as much as I do.

The only thing you have to do to be perfectly prepared for this summer is to click the link below that says "Start My Order Now". 
We will package and ship your Pure Xanthin to you right away! 

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If you’re in the US, please allow for 3-5 business days.

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Just send an email to Or call us during business hours at 1-800-599-3104.

Get your Pure Xanthin by clicking the button below.

Look, There’s Only One Way To Instantly Look Better Without Makeup, Surgery or Expensive Skin Treatments

You know what it is? 

It’s to have a healthy bronze glow to your skin.  

How many attractive, healthy people do you know who are pasty white?

Or have uneven freckles, splotches and sun spots?

One thing we always notice about beautiful people is their gorgeous skin.
And having a nice, even tan without redness is easily the best way to improve the overall look of our skin, right?

Now you can do that, while enjoying the sun - not being afraid of it.

And now the sun can restore your life in so many ways: your energy, your immunity, your happiness.

So get back outside, lay by the pool, go golfing and ride that bike - all without being afraid that the sun will make you look like an old baseball mitt.

Kriss Berg, CN1, CPT
PS: When you get your PureXanthin, I want you to take one right away. That will help kick off the antioxidant process. Then be sure to put it in your pill organizer so you take it every day. You should be able to start getting more sunshine with less risk after about a week.

You’ll probably also notice your immune system is stronger, your eyesight is better, you’ll have more energy and stamina. That’s the astaxanthin working. Now, go out and enjoy the world without fear!

If You Still Have Questions, I Have Answers.




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