Attention seniors with high blood pressure:

Is Your Blood Pressure 
Medication Dangerous?

Startling new evidence shows some blood pressure meds can lead to the very outcomes they are trying to avoid...

Plus: the simple fruit juice solution to blood pressure issues

from the desk of Dr. Patrick Conrad, MD

Robert wondered if he was having a heart attack.

As he walked towards the stairs, it felt like all the muscles in his left arm were clenching up.

He was lightheaded, and had severe chest pain.

He let out a gasp and nearly fell down the stairs head first trying to get to his wife before he passed out.

His last thought was “Oh God I’m going to die!”

Then everything went black.
At the hospital, the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

They checked his vitals and found that everything was working fine.
His heartbeat was regular.
His blood pressure was  within the normal range.
His oxygen levels were where they should be.
But Robert still felt like he was on the verge of passing out. The chest pain was constant. It still felt like he was having a heart attack.

They decided to keep him overnight for observation.

Thank goodness because he passed out again the following morning...and this time, he was unconscious for over 8 hours.

The entire time, his vitals were within normal range.

And the entire time, his wife and son were in a state of panic.

Understandably, they were terrified they were about to lose their precious loved one.
No one could figure out what was going on.

See, lately Robert just hadn’t been himself.

They told the doctors that his sleep schedule had been way off the previous few weeks.
  • He didn’t seem to have any energy.
  • He’d fall asleep watching tv - in the middle of the day.
  • He slept later in the morning - he used to rise at 5am.
  • He had gained weight even though his diet hadn’t changed.
  • He was anxious and worried about being tired all the time.
  • He was grumpy and irritable a lot.
When Robert finally woke up in the hospital the second time, his family realized they needed to dig deeper for answers.

Even his wife was mystified about what was wrong - and she’d been a nurse for more than 40 years.

She asked to bring me into the conversation because she knew I had a special interest in blood pressure patients. 

Because when we talked later, we found out…

...the problem was related to Robert’s new family doctor.

See...about two months prior, Robert had started seeing a new doctor.

He had a great reputation, and seemed kind and knowledgeable.

Besides, they lived out in the country. They just didn’t have that many choices.

Robert was relatively healthy, but had been taking high blood pressure medication for years.

Robert and his wife figured that the new doctor must know how to handle blood pressure issues.

Surely he could help Robert control his blood pressure...right?

Right away, the doctor did blood work and discovered that Robert's blood pressure medication was - in his opinion - entirely too low.

In fact, he said it was “scandalously low” and was shocked Robert had been doing so well for so long.

The doctor immediately tripled the dose and thanked his wife for taking such good care of her husband.
The doctor seemed to pat himself on the back a bit too.

Around a month later, Robert started feeling tired all the time.

But no one ever thought of the blood pressure medication.
Not even his wife.

But once they arrived at the hospital and brought me in to take a look, it was the only logical conclusion.

It was only thing that had changed!
That opened all of our eyes to a startling fact: Robert’s blood pressure medications had nearly killed him.

At the very least they ruined his energy levels, his sleep, and his vitality.

He was a shell of himself with all these drugs in his body.

I did the logical thing and took the medication back to its previous levels.

The pain and fear went away.

And Robert survived and went home with his family a week later. 

And after a few months he started using the simple and delicious juice recipe I’m about to show you that lowers blood pressure all day long.

He was able to cut his medications even further down. He’s down from three prescriptions to ONE.

And today, he is totally healthy and full to the brim with energy - and his blood pressure is so good his doctor now recommends this healthy juice to his other patients.

There’s no more fatigue and exhaustion.
He’s hiking and biking with his wife after years of not being able to...

The simple truth is if I hadn’t gotten to the root of the problem, he might have had permanent damage to his heart and circulatory system.

Or he could have died.

All because his doctor did what he thought was the right thing.

This was something I’d seen happen time and time again.
It was heartbreaking to consider what the alternative would have been.

His wife could easily have lost her husband and best friend…

...and their son would have lost his Father. 
I’m so glad Robert survived, because this is all too common:

Overprescribing Medications

My name is Doctor Patrick Conrad,

and I ‘ve been a doctor for almost 30 years. I love what I do.

At the time I met Robert, I was trying to find natural ways to keep my own blood pressure under control.

See I work with people like Robert, but I also work shifts in the ER.

I love helping people in need, and the people coming into the Emergency Room REALLY need help.
As you can imagine, it can be incredibly stressful. 

And lately I had noticed it was starting to get to me.
I felt rundown and stressed out. Often I was feeling completely exhausted - no matter how much sleep I had.

I would check my blood pressure often while working, and it was getting more and more erratic. High at times, low at others, never consistent.

What I didn't know at the time was that I was starting to experience the effects of stiffening blood vessels [1].

This is something that all people with blood pressure issues deal with, whether they realize it or not. 

Have you ever experienced...

  • Chest pain from exercising??
  • Trouble getting your breath back to normal after walking up the stairs?
  • Fatigue during the day when you should be full of energy?
  • Lack of motivation to run your normal routine?
If you have, all of these are signs that you’re developing those dreaded stiff, plaque-lined vessels that come with high blood pressure.

And if you experience this regularly, your body is crying out for help.

But that’s not the worst part.

Did you know...the stiffening goes along with something that I'll call “blood vessel stickiness.”

This “stickiness” is why bad cholesterol sticks to the arteries of people who have high blood pressure.

This leads to plaque buildup in the arteries.

That of course leads to heart attacks and strokes.
And as blood pressure problems advance, you have less room for blood to flow.

So it's going to be hard for your body to feel energized[2].

That's because your blood can no longer get nutrients to every part of your body with ease.

I knew that was what was beginning to happen to me.

So I needed to quickly find a way to make sure my blood vessels were smooth and flexible.

I knew if could improve my blood vessels, my blood pressure would be under control.

I wanted my blood flowing everywhere it needed to go smoothly, and I needed to work without getting run down so quickly.

Meeting Robert and his family was my personal wake-up call.

After seeing what happened to Robert, I took matters into my own hands.

I had a family, too, and couldn’t imagine them going through that same experience.

It made me wonder, how many other mysterious ailments that came through the hospital were really caused by blood pressure medication?
How many people out there were suffering from low energy and lack of vitality - without realizing it could be their medication causing it?

I dug into the symptoms of these drugs and the top 3 symptoms for almost ALL blood pressure meds was low energy, dizziness, fatigue.

I mean it just makes sense right? You’re basically putting a limiter on the heart so it doesn’t pump too hard or too fast.
It would only make sense that it could regulate things TOO LOW for many people.

I know many of my patients tried to boost their energy with caffeine, which was in turn raising their blood pressure! It’s a Catch-22.

Not anymore though, I have come up with an easy morning routine that can lower blood pressure all day.

But that’s not the only issue with blood pressure medication…

Did you know there are also 3 things that happen when you take blood pressure medication?

#1: You start a high blood pressure vicious cycle.

You already know that high blood pressure is called the Silent Killer[2].

That’s because high blood pressure has been shown to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

And that brings with it some anxiety. What if your blood pressure spikes and you have a heart attack?
So KNOWING you have high blood pressure can lead to… HIGHER BLOOD PRESSURE.

It’s a vicious cycle many of us know all too well. 

And many people suffer from White Coat Syndrome: their blood pressure rises simply because they’re in a doctor’s office.

So they are given meds and worry about their blood pressure - when they only have high blood pressure at the doctor’s office!
Even if you have truly high blood pressure it will never leave your mind and you’ll always need someone to monitor you to make sure you’re healthy.

The Silent Killer can strike at any time.

#2: Your doctor gives you a blood pressure ‘cocktail’ [2]

When you start taking blood pressure medication you usually begin with at least two prescriptions from day one. Some people have to take three.

See most doctors want to put out a match with a fire hose. They know high blood pressure can be deadly, so they prescribe several drugs to ensure your pressure is in an acceptable range.

But this can lead to a lot of unwanted side effects. 

Low energy, dizziness, fatigue. If you’ve just felt lazy after going on BP meds, this is probably why.

#3: You start living life around your medical problems

I'm in my sixties now, and I see too many of my peers living their lives around their medical problems. And high blood pressure is one of the big health issues we all think about on a daily basis.
You start not taking trips if you can’t get to a hospital within 30 minutes.

You start planning major life events around doctor’s appointments.
And you have to haul all your medicine with you just about everywhere you go, because every day is full of saving your own life - multiple times a day.

Does this sound familiar?
And do I sound like I’m just against medicine?

Well, I’m not.

So Let Me Be Clear:

 Medicine Isn’t Bad But....

Now, I don't want you to get me wrong.

I don't have a problem with medicine.

Stay with me...because here’s what I don’t like.

I don’t like the cost and I don’t like the negative side effects.
It’s just too expensive and often too dangerous for many people.

We are encouraged to use medicine to fight sickness, but a lot of times the medicine can cause more health problems for us - and that leaves us out of even more money.
Remember...earlier I described how you start off with at least two medications and usually have to take more to fight the effects they have on one another?
  • One medicine to lower the pressure. 
  • Another to dilate your arteries.
  • Another to fight the fatigue.
  • Another to fight muscle cramps.
And on it goes…

And while you’re spending your hard-earned money on medication to keep you alive, you can’t afford the healthiest food available.

It’s like you can’t win for losing.

So the question is:

How do we lower your blood pressure - without destroying your energy levels or your bank account?

I dug into the problem - so I could solve this problem myself.

I did research late at night, weekends, and holidays to find some answers. It turns out there are natural ways to do exactly I needed.

So I started with juicing.

And I decided to juice very specific fruits and vegetables that are good for healthy blood pressure and stress. I promise I’ll share them with you in a moment.

I don’t believe all prescription drugs are evil like some people do. They have a time and a place, and you and your doctor should decide what those are for your specific situation.
But the Father of Medicine was Hippocrates. He was so influential that modern physicians take the Hippocratic oath.

And it was Hippocrates who said that food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.

So I believe we should try natural method FIRST, and then move on to man-made methods if those don’t work.

That’s why I wanted to solve my own blood pressure problem without drugs first.

And your doctor has probably tried to do that too...

Have you ever gotten any of this advice to control your blood pressure?

  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Avoid salt and sugar.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Get enough rest at night.
  • Manage your stress.
Doctors give patients this advice all the time. And if you follow it to a T, it will help control your blood pressure.

Like my patients, I tried my best. But since I worked in a hospital, managing stress was tough. You just never knew what was going to walk through the door.

And avoid salt AND sugar? I guess as we get older we should just stop eating food that tastes good?

And exercise? Yeah sure I try to walk and lift weights at the gym. But its tough to find the time and energy after long work weeks.

I bet you struggle with this too. It’s hard to eat healthy all the time and get enough exercise. And more than anything else, it's really hard to control stress.

I mean, it’s a crazy world out there right now. If you’re not at least a little stressed out on a daily basis then you probably are not worried about your blood pressure.
So I started my juicing routine and focused on getting good sleep and regular exercise.

For a few weeks, everything was fine.

I had my routine down to a science, and I decided that it was healthiest to juice everyday if I wanted to get the most nutrition possible from the practice.

The juice had to be fresh.
Within a week, people were complimenting me on my glowing appearance and the “pep” in my step.

They even asked me what I was doing, and I was more than happy to give them my routine and regimen.

After about a week of doing this routine, they looked happier, healthier, and more energized as well.

It was like we all took 10 years off our bodies.

Not only that, but when I checked my blood pressure, the numbers were within normal range no matter what was going on around me. My belly looked a little flatter, too. The same thing was happening with my friends and patients that were trying it too.

we couldn’t believe it.

I had energy for days, slept like a rock at night, and I really didn't feel stress weighing me down. Juicing my carefully-selected vegetables and fruits was working!

Unfortunately, that was just the honeymoon phase of getting healthy. 

Secretly I knew I could not keep that schedule up forever.

By the time I'd done it for three weeks, I was so tired of juicing! The shopping, the chopping, and cleanup.

And I’ll be honest with you, my blood pressure concoction tasted AWFUL. I had to plug my nose to get it down.

I started to resent how much work it took to be healthy. I knew my colleagues had to be feeling the same way.

There had to be a better way. This mixture was working, but if I could make it easy and delicious - THAT would be the holy grail.
I couldn't quit now. Instead, I decided to reach out to a company that made healthy and all-natural supplements. I bet they make many of the supplements you’re taking now in their New Jersey lab.

I knew they could help me make something delicious and effective.

Plus, I wanted to create a blood pressure supplement with no fillers, no GMOs, no artificial sweeteners, no caffeine and nothing that might add inflammation and stress to the body.

I wanted “all natural” to be just that! It had to be as close as possible to my fresh juice.

And I also wanted to share it with my colleagues and patients to make their lives easier and healthier.

After doing even more research, I set up a time to talk with the lab. And I made it clear that I wanted to include the main ingredient that stabilized my blood pressure:



Well...Beets are almost magic. They lower blood pressure better than almost anything in the world.

And the PhD’s at the lab I worked with came back with even more ingredients to make the mixture delicious and highly effective.

The mixture had to both lower blood pressure AND raise energy levels since that is the #1 complaint with most blood pressure drugs.
When the company came back to me, their solution was even better than my fresh juice.

I’ll tell you why in a sec, but first let me explain something...

Why Use Beets To Lower Blood Pressure?

The short and skinny of it is that beets are probably the most well-documented food to help lower blood pressure naturally.

I refuse to get involved in any kind of hype, but I can say without any hesitation that I've had many, many patients come off of blood pressure medication just by radically changing their diets and exercising more.

If you’re anything like me, you need proof.
So it should comfort you to know that a blood pressure study published in the Journal of Nutrition in December of 2012 said that one glass of beetroot juice a day is enough to reduce blood pressure in people who have hypertension [3]
Another study conducted by the Journal of Hypertension found that drinking a glass of beetroot juice a day can lower blood pressure and help save patients both from medical emergencies and spending too much money.
This was true even for patients whose hypertension wasn’t controlled by medication.
This easily found and cheap dietary intervention could significantly decrease the risk of suffering cardiovascular events and, in doing so, would help to diminish the mortality rate associated to this pathology [4].
And if that wasn’t enough, another study done by the Journal of Applied Physiology found that people aged 54 to 80 years who had stiffening of the arteries that carry blood to the legs, arms, stomach, or kidneys benefited by drinking a glass of beetroot juice a day.

All participants who drank beet juice experienced increased circulation, lowered blood pressure, and less inflammation throughout their bodies in general[5].

It was this last study that helped me to really understand the power of beets when it comes to fighting high blood pressure.

But that's not all beetroot juice can do...

There are three things that happen inside your body when you drink beetroot juice.

Your blood flow increases[6]

You already know that high blood pressure is called the Silent Killer.

That’s because high blood pressure has been shown to increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

And that brings with it some anxiety. What if your blood pressure spikes and you have a heart attack?
Which is important because your whole body needs nourishment and oxygen. Poor circulation will prevent that from happening.

Beets contain high levels of nitric oxide - a natural blood vessel dilator (vasodilator.) It relaxes stiff vessels.

That’s why eating beets or drinking the juice can help you get what you need from your food...

...feel more energized from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night...

...and even help improve your memory and ability to solve problems.

A lot of my patients report they have a lot more of stamina,  motivation, and ability for intimate times with their loved ones!

Your blood pressure lowers, naturally[6]

Which will keep your heart in better health and lower the likelihood that you might have a major health catastrophe.

See, earlier I mentioned how beets relax stuff blood vessels.

Well, as a result of that, your blood has more room to flow and your blood pressure can come back down to normal levels. You might even be able to come off of one or more medications.

As you know, taking medicine often creates the need to take more medicine to counteract the effects of the first one. It’s usually just a matter of time before there is a medical emergency of some sort.
(That’s why I request you closely follow your doctor’s advice. If you and your doctor decide it’s safe to do so, you may be able to reduce or eliminate your prescription blood pressure meds. I’ve seen it happen before. Just check with your doctor, first, and always follow his or her recommendations!)

Inflammation goes down from head to toe

Which is critical when it comes to lowering blood pressure for good. The final point is once your blood is flowing and your vessels are smooth and flexible, your body can relax. Literally.

See, when your blood vessels don't have adequate room for your blood to flow, and when you feel tired all day long, that creates stress in your body…

...and that stress leads to more stiffening, more discomfort in your body, and additional health concerns on top of high blood pressure.  
I've seen this happen too many times to count, and it's one of the reasons why I get so frustrated with the pharmaceutical industry.

You can’t be productive when you’re low on energy all the time.

You can’t love your life when you can’t even live it to the fullest.

And you deserve to stop feeling like there’s a weight hanging over your existence just because your blood pressure isn’t balanced all the time.
When I thought about all of this, I knew the best way for me to live my life to the fullest and help as many people as possible was going to be to create an easy-to-use supplement with beets and other healthy ingredients in it.

Like I said a moment ago, eating beets or drinking beet juice can lower your blood pressure, lower your inflammation in general, and make sure that your blood is flowing through your entire body as well as it possibly can. need more than just beets if you want to fight the cause of high blood pressure.

The simple truth is...if you're not putting the best food in, if you don't have enough money or time to eat and drink well, you're going to need other solutions.

Few people have the time or energy to juice every day.

And I’ve never heard of anyone wanting to take more medication, either.

That’s why it’s been so wonderful partnering with Healthy Living to bring you this blood-pressure-balancing and energy-restoring product.

They care as much as I do about giving the highest level of value to people looking for natural health solutions.

I’d like to introduce you to...

American Natural
Super Reds

With American Natural Super Reds, you may be able to alleviate the symptoms of hypertension with just one scoop per day.

And we dialed in the flavor so it doesn’t taste like beets - which believe me taste AWFUL when they’re juiced.

In addition to beets, we included...

L- Citrulline[7] : Extracted from grapefruit

Lowers the systolic blood pressure (the top number...the one that’s often most-alarming.)

Relaxes arteries so your blood flows more easily.
Adaptogenic Herbs[8] : To help your body fight the effects of stress, we include ashwagandha and ginseng - two of the most powerful adaptogens.

Ensure you rest well at night and your sleep hormones work properly.

Their function is in their name: these herbs help you adapt to life’s circumstances with grace. 

They help you “adapt” so stress doesn’t send your blood pressure skyrocketing.

It can lower the systolic blood pressure, too.
Berries[9] : Tones blood vessels so they aren’t weak.

Purifies the blood and removes some toxins, and slowly dissolves built-up cholesterol[10].

Provides energy by helping to relax blood vessels.

Helps to lower blood pressure. The darker the berry, the better.

Most importantly, they provide a tasty, fruit-juice like flavor that you’ll actually look forward to every morning. Many of my clients have replaced their morning glass of orange juice because it tastes great AND lowers their blood pressure all day.
Carrot[11] : High in fiber - so you won’t get easily constipated.

High in potassium - so it’s great for your muscles and blood pressure.

Naturally sweet - so you don’t need added sugar.

Lowers the diastolic blood pressure - the bottom number. We really covered ALL bases.
Additionally, we included the energy promoting Vitamins B12 and Potassium along with their complementary vitamins and minerals so you’re lacking nothing.

See B12 is something we all could use more of…
Vitamin B12 is involved in red blood cell formation. When vitamin B12 levels are too low, the production of red blood cells is lowered, and that can have a ton of bad consequences.

Vitamin B12 is involved in energy production in your body. Taking a supplement can improve your energy levels!

And Vitamin B12 can decrease blood homocysteine, a type of amino acid that is associated with an increased risk of heart problems.

Here's what our customers are saying about SUPEr REDS:

Cindy Ross, 59

"I have fallen in love with this product I love the taste of it and I love the energy and I get from all of the fruits and vegetables this is a great product.  I can FEEL my blood pressure drop (!!!) and I would recommend it to anyone trying to stay healthy!!!"

Demetrius Clark, 54

“High blood pressure runs high in my family so I've been on medications since I was 40.  With Super Reds I was able to drop 2 of the 3 medications.  My doctor said it was ok to do it!  He was so surprised when I checked me out.  I was too honestly, I thought reds tasted great but I wasn't sure it would do anything."

Kristine Lightle, 47

"I have been LOVING my Super Reds! It tastes so good, and without the overpowering sugary sweetness. My kids even love it and call it juice - and they don't like anything ha ha! I have been able to give up my morning energy drink because after having Super Reds with breakfast, and my blood pressure has been within healthy range without drugs.  I am thrilled!"
My goal is for you to have a delicious and healthy drink that you’ll enjoy knowing you’re helping your blood pressure levels stabilize all day long.

And you’ll get all-day energy without sugar or caffeine.

Here’s what you get with each order:

Incredible flavor that’s all-natural

There is ZERO added sugar. Fruits and veggies make it taste so great. Some people even take a shot with their favorite evening drink. ;)

It tastes like your favorite Kool Aide. So delicious!

The most convenient way to manage symptoms of high blood pressure naturally 

It takes just moments every day to scoop, mix, and drink. 

Remember, MONITOR your blood pressure as you go to see just how powerful this mix is!

All day energy

Remember, when you eat beets or drink beet juice, nitrates get turned into nitric oxide in your body.

And nitric oxide is like jet fuel in your body. You’ll be able to go the distance in your day without needing something like coffee to pick you up. And coffee isn’t bad for you in moderation.
But it IS habit forming...and the withdrawal headaches are fierce.

Wouldn’t you rather not crash and burn when your energy wears out?

Just take American Natural Super Reds. You’ll have all the energy you need with no crash.

Lifetime guarantee

Because we’re determined you enjoy your experience. If you don’t for any reason, just call or email us for a refund. No questions asked. There is no time limit! That’s how confident I am you’ll LOVE American Natural Super Reds.

Your satisfaction is our goal. Ultimately, you’ll get...


Because that’s all that matters. If you want to lower your blood pressure and increase your energy, this is the way to go.

After that, you can become our next testimonial.

Sound good?

support healthy blood pressure & Gain vibrant energy with...

I know you're going to love American Natural Super Reds once you try it.

Now that I've watched thousands of customers go from feeling exhausted and hopeless to being empowered and having the energy to crush their day…

I don't want to belabor the point, it is really important for you to know that there is no added sugar in this product. Sugar is very inflammatory, and our goal is to not only lower your blood pressure. 

It’s to fight high blood pressure at its root.
Inflammation is a huge issue for those of us with high blood pressure. So we sidestepped that by just eliminating the need for more sugar.

Fruits and veggies give you the burst of flavor you’ll crave every day.

That’s why I feel confident enough to make the kind of guarantee you see above.

It is an industry first, and I believe that's the case because most people really don't stand by their supplements.

Here's what our customers are saying about SUPEr REDS:

Isaac Modivah, 64

" I really like the Super Reds. I have been using another beet drink that doesn't have nearly the amount or quality of active ingredients in it. I can really feel the difference with Super Reds. I use it in the morning  to calm my nerves and blood pressure at my job.  It's very stressful.  This helps a lot!"

Steve Bicouvaris, 60

“My blood pressure has been high for years and this is the ONLY thing that has helped.  Other than some expensive drugs of course. Now I drink it every day and it's a great addition to my morning routine."   

Debra Eagle Bear, 72

"The super reds are DELICIOUS. They give you a burst of energy that lasts for hours. I have high blood pressure and I have to care for husband who is in a coma.  So I can't be tired all the time, he needs continual care day and night.  This does the trick for me and I keep it around all the time.  Thank you for a wonderful product!"

But I believe in this product. 

That's why you can use it forever and not worry about wasting your money. If you don't love the way you feel and if your results are not what you wanted them to be, just reach out to ask for a refund.

We will issue that with no questions asked.

All the risk is on us.

And the price is specially discounted today, so you can tell I mean when I say that.
Even though the results are worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, most people don't have thousands to spend.

 And they don't have time to try to save that much either.

That’s why you can get this for less than the price of a nice new pair of leather, winter shoes. You can affordably give yourself peace of mind that your body has the nutrition it needs to manage blood pressure naturally.

Most people who use American Natural Super Reds feel a burst of energy within minutes of taking it. And that energy lasts all day long.

Additionally, we get testimonial after testimonial about lower blood pressure and sometimes even coming off of blood pressure medication altogether!

All of this and it only takes about 10 seconds to mix the powder into your drink.

Some blend it into a smoothie. Others drink it with water.

It doesn’t matter because American Natural Super Reds tastes amazing!
Some call it fruit punch. Others just replace their morning OJ with a glass of our Reds.

To get your Reds, all you have to do is click the button below that says **** and we will ship your order out to you right away.

We ship to the United States and Canada within 7 to 10 business days.

If you have any questions about your order, feel free to reach out to customer service at the contact number or email address below.

support healthy blood pressure & Gain vibrant energy with...

P.S. Want to know my morning ritual? Because I take my Reds daily, and it only takes me around 10 seconds.
I walk into the kitchen and take a glass out of the cabinet. My Reds container sits right by the sink. I open it, put one scoop into my glass, and put about a shot or two of water in.

Stir with a spoon or fork for a couple of seconds and drink.

Usually one or two swallows and I’m done.

Within minutes, I feel more energy and more clarity, and I know that my blood pressure levels will stay within normal range like they have for years now.

In fact, I took a scoop before I sat down and wrote you this letter. This reds gave me the energy and focus to write this whole letter in one hour.

I can’t wait to share this incredible, life-giving journey with you.

To get started, just click the button below that says ****. We’ll ship your order out right away.

support healthy blood pressure & Gain vibrant energy with...



It's a powdered mix that is specifically designed to lower your blood pressure and give you vibrant energy.  It contains beetroot extract, raspberry, cranberry, carrot, strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate, acai, blackberry, black currant, cherry, acerola, bilberry fruit, banana, apple, pineapple, orange peel, mango, papaya, peach, pear, tomato, lemon peel, ginseng, gynostemma, and ashwagandha.

does it have sugar, caffeine, or allergens?

There is no added sugar, and each serving only contains 2 grams of carbs.  There is no caffeine, gluten, dairy, shellfish, GMOs, nuts, or preservatives. 

what does it taste like?

Some folks have described it like a fruit punch, other think it's similar to cranberry juice.  Most people agree it's way too delicious to be healthy.

does it really work?

Yes!  There are at least 7 studies shown in the references section below that proves that it works to lower blood pressure and increase energy.

Are there side effects?

No, our clients report no negative side effects.  The only we hear side effects we hear about are more energy and lower blood pressure.

What if I don't like it?

You get your money back any time for any reason.  We have no timeline on our satisfaction guarantee.

Has a doctor made this formula?

Yes the formula was created as a collaboration between Dr. Patrick Conrad and Healthy Living after he saw how blood pressure medications can negatively affect his patients.

why can't I get it in stores?

The process of getting products onto store shelves is long and expensive. You save money and time by ordering directly from us.

where can I get it?

Just scroll up and click on the CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR JAR button to start your order!


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